The AdNews Mock Brief: Life in a post-Trump world

By AdNews | 19 January 2017

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As part of The Annual we put creative agencies to the test and asked them to come up with the best fake ads for our mock brief series. 

Brief: Donald Trump is now President of the United States. Whether it's pro-Trump or anti-Trump, sell the American dream in a post-Trump world.

There were three to pick from and the work was comissioned in October 2016 - before the election. It's fair to say that most people didn't think Trump would win the election.  

Cummins&Partners "All White"

mock briefs trump cummins

DT “American dream. Now available in Australia”

mock brief trump dt

A world where Trump is POTUS presents a rare opportunity for Australia to hijack the American dream. An integrated campaign that positions Australia as the new rightful home of the dream and invites Americans to visit (or immigrate!). We’ll give Australians and Americans the tools to participate through social and compete for the American dream.

1 Kent Street “Pro Trump"

mock brief trump kent street

If you take away all the insults and offence, Donald Trump’s values are not new territory for Republicans. Revered president Thomas Jefferson, was aligned with ‘The Donald’ on some key areas. Why wouldn’t you vote for Jefferson II?

Writer: Simon Collins | Art director: Albert Jangtong

1 Kent Street "Anti Trump"

mock brief kent trump anti

The populist 'rust-belt' appeal of Trump is undeniable. But so is his bigotry and ignorance. Vandalising the greatest symbol of US humanitarianism with his silly face seemed like a good way to get people angry on both sides of the divide.

Writer: Simon Collins | Art director: Albert Jangtong

303MullenLowe “Behind the wall”


The American Dream has always been inclusive and open to everyone. But if Trump is elected, that will change forever.

GPY&R “Make America Grate”

mock brief trump gpy&R

When was America last truly a great nation? Not since the 1920s when men were men, and women knew their place was to support ‘em. Good, honest jobs for guys, and a well stocked kitchen to go home to.

Art: David Joubert | Copy: Bart Pawlak / Jen Dobbie

The White Agency “The Canadian Dream”

mock briefs trump white agency

It’s time to tell non-Trump supporters the American Dream no longer exists in the US. Travel companies can offer the perfect opportunity in Canada.

Jnr Art Director Kiri Roberts | Jnr Designer Luke Zorbas

DDB “No experience required”


If an epic failure like Trump can become the President of the United States, it truly is a land where anyone can reach the top.

DDB “Pussy Protection”


Donald Trump has made it clear that ‘grabbing p***y’ is fine. Post the 2016 US election women are going to need a new innovation in p***y protection.

The Works “Welcome to Trump’s America”

mock briefs trump the works

The Statue of Liberty has long stood as a symbol of opportunity and freedom for all. Trump’s remarks do not uphold those ideals.

Paul Swann: Creative Director | Michael Pickering: Copywriter | Marijke Spain:Art Director | Chris Hall: Retoucher

Giant walls. Mass deporatations. Frozen borders. A future under Trump isn't going to be rosy. So we created a classic, propaganda-style ad designed to appeal to the one demographic who are still left in Trump's America - white people.

Art Director: Heath Collins | Copywriter: Liam Jenkins | Executive Creative Directors: Ben Couzens, Jim IngramThe Royals

The Royals “Superheroes v Trump”

mock briefs the royals

The US Presidential election at times felt like a bad Hollywood blockbuster. The twists and turns involving Russian spies, hacked emails, giant walls and personal attacks have called for some Superhero intervention.

Creatives: Adam Frazer, Lewis Farrar, Tommy Cehak | ECD: Nick Cummins

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