Telstra sticks with magic this Christmas

16 November 2017

Advertiser: Telstra
Creative Agency: The Monkeys

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“The spirit of Christmas truly alive as we laugh and sing and dance and thrive.”

Telstra’s latest Christmas ad from The Monkeys keeps up its long-form narrative style, putting magic and togetherness at the heart of the festive season.

The ad, which continues its Thrive campaign, puts video calling, messaging and keeping in touch with friends and family by phone, front and centre and positions Telstra as the network that brings people closer together - even when they’re far apart.

The voice over says:
This is the season for magic. 
Giving old traditions new life. 
Making moments good in ways we didn't think we could. 
Wave hello to our dearest even when they're not near us.
Nose to nose … growing close. Making the most of this one day we have together. 
The spirit of christmas truly alive as we laugh and sing and dance and thrive. 
Then when it's all over we farewelled our kings and queens.
Goodbyes seems so much harder but they don't really have to be.
Magic is in season all year round.


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