Cancer Chicks unveils 'FUCC IT’ via MBCS

24 April 2024

Creative Agency: MBCS
Media Agency: Initiative

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To liberate young women living with cancer.

Charity organisation Cancer Chicks has launched a new brand platform and campaign, FUCC It, aimed to get Australians en masse, talking about and supporting young women living with cancer.

FUCC It, developed via an integrated partnership between Initiative IMPACT and MBCS, aims to become a cultural catchcry to empower young women to not let cancer, severe chronic and terminal illness define their lives.

The deliberately provocative tagline aims to grab attention, build rapport and generate a sense of liberation for those Cancer Chicks supports. 

MBCS general manager Marshall Campbell said the team knew a provocative idea was needed to cut through charity clutter and empower these remarkable young women.

"Who despite their diagnosis don’t want to be seen as different or treated differently.  He said: “There is something liberating in saying “F*&% It, I’m doing it anyway” and that became the basis of CC’s new brand platform, which encourages young women to ‘Be Who You Are, Cancer or Not’," said Campbell.

At the core of the campaign is a 30-sec hero video featuring Cancer Chick brand ambassadors Sharni, Rhiannon and Carlina, all every day mothers, sisters, friends and colleagues, but with a cancer diagnosis in common, and all sharing an inspirational attitude. 

The powerful videos show the women experiencing a FUCC It moment when they realise the need to escape the confines of their homes, hospitals and cancer treatment and live life as they want to. 

Campbell said the concept revolves around showcasing the remarkable achievements of Cancer Chicks.

"FUCC It emerges as a guiding attitude for these women, who simply have not allowed cancer to define them; the videos capture the essence of their resilience and determination.

“Cancer is often portrayed as a source of sadness and despair, but FUCC It, stands out from the norm and seeks to reshape the narrative towards one of empowerment and defiance, rather than yielding to the constraints imposed by illness,” Marshall concluded."

The campaign will be brought to life across a multi-channel strategy designed to build rapid cultural awareness and support for Cancer Chicks, with content appearing across screens, radio, OOH, social, print and more, all further supported by influencers, brand ambassadors and PR.

Head of Initiative Impact Danielle Galipienzo said the creative is strong, provocative and inspiring and needed a high reaching media campaign to do it justice.

“We invited over 100 media partners to share the Cancer Chicks story, including personal anecdotes from Cancer Chicks members and asking for their media support in bringing this campaign and the essence of FUCC It to life," said Galipienzo.

“The immediate response and support we saw was phenomenal and has resulted in significant exposure across all major channels and some amazing tactics to give the campaign even more colour and impact.  We are humbled by the industry getting behind the cause and couldn’t be more thankful for their support.” ​

Cancer Chicks co-founder and survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma Rikki Stern said there is no better brand positioning for Cancer Chicks. 

"Every woman I know who has been diagnosed with cancer has had their “FUCC It” moment that has inspired them to move beyond being a “woman with cancer”, to a woman who is proud to be who they are, cancer or not," said Stern.

“We are so excited to see FUCC It out in market and can’t wait for the conversations to begin."

FUCC It launches April 24 and runs in market for six weeks.



Client - Cancer Chicks

Rikki Stern – Co-Founder

Melissa Fein – Board Member & Initiative Australia CEO

Michele Molnar - Co-Founder

Katrina Konstas - Board Member

Kiki Paul - Board Member

Adele Greenberg - Board Member

Tresna Karras - Board Member


MBCS  creative agency

Managing Director, Olivia Warren

General Manager – Marshall Campbell

Group Creative Director – Luke Simkins

Creative Director – Shanan Goldring 

Senior Producer – Livia Canto

Director/Editor – Jacob Abi - Arrage

Copywriter - Abby Clark

Art Director - Laura Murphy

Grade - Ryan Beetson

DOP - Jonathan Baker

Stills Photographer - Nadia Stone

Collaboration with MIK Studios


Initiative - Media Agency

Chris Colter – Chief Strategy & Product Officer

Danielle Galipienzo – Head of Initiative Impact

Triere Anthony – Client Director

Sarah Moore – Client Director

Summer Treseder – Strategy Manager

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