Backyard cricket is the star of Aldi's all-Australian Christmas spot

13 November 2017

Advertiser: Aldi
Creative Agency: BMF

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You won't see a flake of snow or find any John Lewis inspiration in Aldi's Christmas ad. It's as Aussie as they come.

Aldi’s Christmas campaign takes a bold direction for the supermarket category, releasing an ad that could easily be mistaken for a cricket promotion.

In the 90-second extended version of the ad, by BMF, Aldi tells the story of one man’s obsession with winning backyard cricket, spanning across 40 years.

It introduces the tagline ‘The More the Merrier’ and shows the crowd building in a bid to celebrate drop-ins and tag-alongs at Christmas.

“It’s been a big year for Aldi. We’ve launched a new brand positioning, rolled out a new retail platform, and managed to squeeze in the implementation of a new global logo - alongside our regular campaign activity. Now, it’s time to tell a good old-fashioned Christmas story that’s celebrating an authentic Aussie legend, ” says BMF creative director Alex Derwin.

“We’ve celebrated the joys of the perfect Aussie Christmas for the last 5 years. We’ve stayed true to that, but moved it up a notch. Enter stage left an epic Christmas fable done in a perfect Aussie way that invites everyone to join in the festive feast of Merriment. We’re very proud and we hope it tickles your fancy,” says BMF MD Steve McArdle.

Aldi spokesperson adds: “Our Christmas campaigns have contributed significantly to business growth over the last couple of years. This year we’ve found a fresh take on Christmas in Australia that will entice even more shoppers to explore ALDI's Christmas range and experience the category leading prices.”

Last year, Aldi took a more humorous approach to the Christmas season with a family of super enthusiastic Americans – The Tinkletons.

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