T2 launches first campaign ever with Cummins&Partners

4 September 2017

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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From a bearded hipster to a yogi - T2's new campaign features a slew of colourful characters.

For the first time in their history, premium tea brand T2 has launched a major campaign to continue their global push with Cummins&Partners.

Cummins&Partners Melbourne picked up the T2 account in June this year.

“We are thrilled to launch our first ever TV campaign together with C&P. The campaign is a perfect representation of our brand and what we stand for and we have already had incredibly positive feedback from T2 fans,” said Jane Hoban, global director marketing at T2.

The campaign aims to highlight the growing role of tea in people’s lives and features a number of different bold scenes, from sky diving to a couple making out.

“We love tea and all the different ways it makes us feel. At T2 we take it one step further, multiplying every tea moment into something a little out of the ordinary,” said Hoban.

"Drinking tea is a very personal experience, but currently people aren't taking three minutes out of their day to brew a cup of loose leaf. By positioning T2 as a product that helps to amplify these moments or feelings, we are giving people an excuse and reason to take that little bit of extra time for themselves," explains Cummins&Partners founder Sean Cummins.

The campaign is being rolled across TVC, digital and social.

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