Despite opening its doors just two and a half years ago, CumminsRoss has made a name for itself. Over the past 12 months, the independent shop has continued to lure clients including Dairy Australia, Asahi Premium Beverages, Kathmandu and Tennis Australia.

It also added to its portfolio of Chrysler brands with Fiat and Alfa Romeo, boosting its stable of big-name clients. While it did lose automotive website Carsguide, this was due to the company reverting to an internal services model.

The agency has gone from strength to strength over the past year under the leadership of industry icon Sean Cummins and creative partner Jason Ross. This was illustrated by the launch of its Adelaide office in January 2012. While the venture has been quieter than perhaps first expected, it’s led by well known figures such as Bronwen Gwynn-Jones and Greg Kavanagh.

Revenue and profit for the 2013 financial year also rose significantly, growing by 118% and 94% respectively year-on-year. The agency also boosted its staff, climbing from 40 to its current 70, and claims to have a churn rate of just 4%. This is vastly lower than the industry average of 30%.

The CumminsRoss network continues to operate as one of the few remaining full-service agencies in the local landscape, which Cummins has championed as key to building a great agency. The challenge for it in the coming year will be to continue its momentum, and prove its place in the South Australian market.
Sourced from AdNews Agency Report Card, May 31 2013 edition.

In 2014 the agency rebranded to Cummins&Partners after Jason Ross left the business.

What they say:

A true one-stop-shop. It’s a simple idea, really. We want all parts of the communications process working as one. Collaborating. No silos, no divisions, no off-shoots, no multiple business cards, no holding companies holding disparate entities together. We’re a media company that’s creative. A creative agency that produces content. A strategy consultancy that builds brands.

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