Macca's celebrates Australia's unique slang in outdoor push

25 January 2019

Advertiser: McDonald's
Creative Agency: DDB Sydney
Media Agency: OMD Sydney

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Hi, can I please order one Cheez Burga?

To coincide with Australia Day, Maccas is celebrating Australia’s iconic colloquialism by changing the spelling of their menu items to match the country’s unique use of the English language.

Across the nation, posters pay tribute to the Aussie take on classic Macca’s menu items, inviting people to celebrate with a Bakeneg Mugmufn, Lar Tay or a Filadafsh.

The outdoor campaign, by DDB Sydney, features the classic Macca's colours of bright red and yellow.


DDB Sydney Chief Creative Officer – Ben Welsh

Executive Creative Director – Tara Ford

Head of Art – Noah Regan  

Art Director/Copywriter – Noah Regan

Copywriter - Matt Chandler

Managing Director – Priya Patel Group

Business Director – Lisa Hauptmann

Senior Business Manager – Catherine Cumming

Senior Business Manager – Andrew Inman

Senior Print Producer: John Wood

Senior Finished Artist: Jose Rodrigues

McDonald’s Australia CMO – Jenni Dill

Director of Marketing - Jo Feeney

Group Brand Manager, Marketing - Amanda Nakad

Brand Manager, Marketing – Nichole Tsiros

Media: OMD

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