Maccas help Kiwis recover from New Year’s Eve

7 January 2019

Creative Agency: DDB (New Zealand)

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Maccas helps New Zealanders start 2019 right with their new ‘The Day After’ campaign.

Maccas have launched their ‘The Day After’ campaign promoting its delivery system collaborating with Uber Eats.

Launched on New Year’s Day, the 60-second clip showcases humorous and yet relatable scenarios of people waking up after a night of partying. The ad follows an eye-patched man opening the door to a McDonald's delivery man.

DDB New Zealand chief creative officer Damon Stapleton hopes it will capture the attention of many due to its relatability.

“Maccas has always been there when you need it, and now with McDelivery that's truer than ever before. We've played on a number of moments people may find themselves in after a long night, and how good it can be to get Macca's delivered” Stapleton says. 

The campaign will roll out with across TV, cinema and online.

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