Hockeyroo captain reveals secret weapon for Olympics preparation with Sultana Bran

7 May 2020

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Jodie Kenny showcases her life both on and off the field in the brand's latest TVC.

Australia’s co-captain of the world’s top hockey team and Kellogg’s Sultana Bran ambassador, Jodie Kenny of the Hockeyroos, has revealed her secret weapon for keeping mentally and physically fit in preparation for Tokyo 2021 – her two and a half year old son, Harrison.

Kenny is featured in the latest Sultana Bran TVC, which showcases her life both on and off the field – a look into her role as a parent and a professional athlete.

The new TVC is part of Sultana Bran’s ongoing support for Australian Hockey, sharing a story that’s relatable to many athletes in the sport, and Aussie families.

“The new Sultana Bran ad shows my hockey stick breaking during a game, which does happen from time to time," Kenny says.

"Inspired by these events, Shane and I fashioned one of my old hockey sticks I still had lying around, and cut it down to Harrison’s size so he could play hockey with us.

"Harrison has already shown a keen interest in Hockey, so Shane and I encourage him wherever we can. I love how this storyline shows the resourcefulness us parents often undertake for our children. Sultana Bran really nailed it!”

In the midst of the current COVID-19 lockdown, Kenny has relished the time spent in isolation with her son Harrison, where they are playing daily games of hockey in the Moreton Bay backyard she shares with husband Shane Kenny who also plays in the Sultana Bran Hockey One league for the Brisbane Blaze.

Kavita Desai, brand manager for Sultana Bran, says the new TVC represents the company’s ongoing support of hockey in Australia.

“As a brand that has been part of Australian families for decades, we wanted to celebrate the real family stories of passion and skills being passed down through the generations like we see here with Jodie," Desai says.

"We’re really proud of our partnership with Hockey Australia and happy that we’re able to share Jodie’s story with Aussie families. And while the Olympics and the Hockey One league have been cancelled for the year, Sultana Bran’s support will be ongoing stronger than ever.”

Kenny along with the entire squad of the Kookaburra’s and Hockeyroos are sharing at home training tips and tricks for the entire Hockey family through Hockey Australia’s ‘Hockey at Home’ campaign.

Reminding exercise in isolation is a powerful tool for families to spend time together and remain healthy both physically and mentally.

The Olympian mum has posted to social media revealing her training with her son.

“It’s been really important for me to share my Hockey journey with my son. With Tokyo 2020 being postponed until 2021, the benefit has been including Harrison in my 15-month haul back to the Olympics," Kenny says.

"It’s a rare opportunity when he really gets to see what his mum does as an elite athlete every step of the way. Shane and Harrison have been a great support, especially during the lockdown when keeping fit mentally is just as important as keeping physically fit.“

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