Almond Breeze's 'Sweetness isn't our thing' stars puppies and kittens

12 September 2019

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The campaign, created by Daylight Agency, uses humour to highlight the low sugar content in Almond Breeze's barista blend.

Daylight Agency has created a quirky new campaign designed to push the low sugar content of Almond Breeze Barista Blend and capture a larger share of the competitive café almond milk market.

The campaign taps into the pet friendly café culture that is inherent in Australia and plays on the irony of showcasing cute puppies and kittens to communicate the message that "Sweetness isn’t our thing".

The campaign will feature national OOH shopping centre advertising along with digital and social marketing, highlighting the five-times less sugar content of Barista Blend compared with other café almond milks.

“Our key point of differentiation in this competitive category is the low sugar content of our café almond milk," Mike McNulty, country manager Australia and New Zealand, Blue Diamond Growers says.

“Daylight has cut-through extensive consumer research to create a strong, yet simple message, executed in a likeable and humorous way. The use of irony in the campaign will create a memorable connection with the hip barista and café crowd."

Chris Mitchell, executive creative director, Daylight Agency, praised client Almond Breeze for the opportunity to convey an important health message about sugar in a fun and engaging way.

“Australians are embracing the health benefits of almond milk and research shows they want to enjoy their almond milk coffee knowing they are drinking the best option available," Mitchell says.

"When asked, most baristas and customers weren’t aware that Barista Blend is so low in sugar. When you’ve got such a strong competitive advantage simplicity is the key, oh, and cuteness."

Agency: Daylight Agency
Executive Creative Directors: Chris Mitchell, Geoff Corbett
Account Director: Shelley Hammond
Production Company: Social Parade
Director and Producer: Clare Gerber, Briony Benjamin
Media Agency: PMA

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