Sendle challenges Australia Post to fully commit on carbon neutrality

12 September 2019

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Sendle will offset all of Australia Post’s domestic parcels on 20 September in support of the global climate strikes.

Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and a certified B Corporation, has launched a bold new campaign aiming to secure a clear and full commitment from Australia Post on carbon neutrality.

Australia Post recently announced an intention to introduce carbon neutral delivery for parcels sent through its Post Office and MyPost Business channels, but the plans are unclear.

The timeline for the roll out is undefined, whether consumers will wear the cost is not specified, and the commitment does not extend to all of Australia Post’s deliveries.

While the intentions of the carbon neutral goal are commendable, they are not enough in 2019. As a major delivery player in a time of global climate crisis, Australia Post has a responsibility to lead and take action with urgency.

Sendle is challenging Australia Post to immediately begin offsetting the carbon emissions generated by each parcel they ship.

To jumpstart its efforts, Sendle will offset all of Australia Post’s domestic parcels on 20 September, in support of the global climate strikes. The company estimates this volume to be one million parcels.

In a limited-edition sticker range released by Sendle as part of the campaign, classic Australian fauna including the Gouldian Finch, Eastern Blue Devil fish, Red Kangaroo and Koala are seen fitted with gas masks, exposing the true impact of ecommerce delivery on the Earth.

To amplify the challenge, Sendle will offset an additional parcel every time someone orders, downloads or shares the sticker on social media. 

Sendle CEO, co-founder and global innovation leader James Chin Moody says while it is great that Australia Post is starting to follow in Sendle's footsteps, there is still more to do.

“As the climate crisis intensifies, we are running out of time for promises. We need immediate action and going 100 per cent carbon neutral is a simple way to take responsibility today for one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time," Moody says.

“Carbon offsetting is really not that difficult. We know because we’ve done it. Since Sendle launched in 2014, we have offset 100 per cent of the emissions generated through our shipping — every single parcel we’ve picked up and delivered, both locally and overseas. We believe moving to a model of immediate offsetting, while working together as an industry on longer term improvements, is the best way forward for business and the environment.”

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