Xinja pokes fun at the banking industry's "no, we can't do that" attitude

14 August 2019

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The Aussie neobank's irreverent social campaign is designed for anyone who is seriously unhappy with their current bank.

Australia’s neobank, Xinja Bank, has launched an ad campaign on social networks designed for anyone who is seriously unhappy with their current bank.

The campaign, irreverent, with a twist of cheeky humour, is for those who have too often heard from their own bank “no, we can’t do that.”

Or perversely, anyone who has seen a 'can do' bank ad campaign, only to find the services on offer, or the experience in the branch, does not match the ‘can do’ brand.

Xinja is a brand new, independent bank, and brings to the Australian market banking without old-style and costly IT, branch networks and often opaque outcomes for customers, says Xinja co-founder and CMO Camilla Cooke.

Xinja was launched just after the federal government announced changes to banking regulations in the 2017 budget, to encourage greater competition in the sector.

“We aren’t here to deliver digital banking but to redesign banking altogether,” Cooke says.

“We want to help people make more out of their money. The campaign Can*t-Free Banking is aligned to this mission.”

Two Mad Cowboys (TMC) created the social media campaign for Xinja which is designed to reach a millennial audience, but also anyone who is tired of what their bank is not offering them.

“We had a lot of fun tapping into the frustrations people have with banks, using the simple idea of a wordplay construct to suggest how we all really feel about the Big Four," Two Mad Cowboys creative partner Matt Sterne says.

The social campaign includes Instagram stories, looping gifs, instream videos and sponsored posts.

It is unapologetically irreverent, and helps position Xinja Bank as a refreshingly straightforward alternative to traditional banks.

“The country has had a bit of a wake-up call about the banking model and we wanted to do something to signal that things are changing, that Xinja offers an alternative approach,” Cooke says.

The teaser campaign is running this month, with a major brand launch expected to follow in October amplifying the Xinja Bank offering.

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