Westpac takes different approach in brand campaign

29 August 2016

Advertiser: Westpac

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"Not all Australians are with Westpac, but we're with all Australians."

Westpac is mixing up its brand messaging with a campaign that isn't about banking - rather, it's about being committed to all Australians through its rescue helicopter service. 

In the new one minute TV commercial, a father and son are featured being rescued by the Westpac helicopter.

The voiceover says: "He's a father... He's a survivor and he doesn't bank with Westpac. Not all Australians are with Westpac, but we are with all Australians. Because we are proud supporters of you."

So far the ad has nearly 300,000 views on Facebook. One viewers wrote to Westpac: "I cannot believe I teared up when I saw this ad - what's wrong with me!! I don't usually like ads, but I'll give it to you, this is a good one."

The campaign differs from the last Westpac ad which was aimed at millennials.

Westpac's agency on record is MediaCom.  

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