Westpac's #UnstoppableSquad to inspire millennials

31 March 2016

Media Agency: MediaCom (NSW)

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Westpac is aiming to tap into the millennial "experience economy" by showcasing the unguided, uncensored lives of young Aussies.

The campaign #UnstoppableSquad is from MediaCom's Beyond Advertising unit and consists of three inspiration young Aussies who will share their own experiences through online video posts.

It taps into the insight that millennials like to spend their money on experiences and passions instead of possessions, and that their ability to upload and share their experiences enhances their value among other millennials.

The campaign aims to show Aussies who are living unstoppable lives to inspire other millennials to follow their dreams when it comes to their lives and finances.

True to its target demographic, the campaign will be launched on Tumblr and together social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

Gemma Hunter, Executive Creative Director and Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising says: “This whole thing started when we considered; no good story ever started with I’m saving up for..."

"We knew the most qualified people to be talking to millennials were other millennials.  

"We didn’t chase people with the biggest social following, this was about everyday Aussies and letting them share their unscripted stories. The beauty in this approach is that it’s so simple.”

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