Westpac highlights bizarre moments to promote app offering

25 October 2017

Advertiser: Westpac
Creative Agency: DDB Sydney

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From losing your card after a big night out to your pug eating your wallet, Westpac and DDB Sydney are highlighting the bizarre moments in life when you'll need to use the brand's app.

A series of new Westpac ads from DDB Sydney highlight the many features of the Westpac App through bizarre and unexpected moments.

The TVCs take a journey into the minds of three people and their anxieties – which start out rational and become more and more outlandish – about what life might throw at them.

The new ads are part of a suite of lighter, tongue-in-cheek approach for Westpac’s everyday banking platform.

Westpac head of group advertising Jenny Melhuish says: “Westpac has a world-leading mobile banking app, but we realised that many of our customers were unaware of the various features available. In our new TVCs, we wanted to highlight some of the more unexpected benefits of the app that really help customers, from putting your card on hold to switching to e-statements.

“Great customer service means providing customers with real-time, on-the-go solutions which give them instant control over their finances at their fingertips. Many of our life experiences revolve around money and we aim to make our customers’ banking as convenient, helpful and user-friendly as possible.”

“As we started scrolling through the App's long list of features we found ourselves asking “what would you ever need that for?” So, the TVCs explore that question, and we had a lot of fun making them,” DDB Sydney Creative Partner Noah Regan said.

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