The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation shows support for aged care residents

29 April 2021

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The campaign was developed with The Shannon Company.

A national campaign urging increased support for aged care residents has been launched in the lead-up to the Federal Budget.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation campaign developed with The Shannon Company, highlights the findings of the recent Royal Commission into aged care, including chronic staff shortages frequently leaving residents in need of pain relief, and malnourished or at risk of malnourishment.

TSC creative director Stuart Nightingale says leveraging the findings of the Royal Commission played a critical role in the creative strategy.

“Our behaviour change process involved testing true stories from aged care facilities which, in most cases, were seen by the general public as being ‘unbelievable’," Nightingale says.

“But when we added references to the Royal Commission, people’s reactions changed very quickly; they went from being sceptical to being genuinely concerned.

“They saw the humanity of our mums, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers being eroded in residential care simply because there aren’t enough staff to ensure the basics, things like support with eating and pain relief, are delivered consistently.

“The campaign is really about humanising our aged care residents, showing their typical stoicism and not wanting to be too much bother, and that they deserve the help and support that legislated and appropriate staff-patient ratios will deliver."

The radio, television, digital and mobile billboards (throughout the electorates of the Federal Treasurer, Minister for Health and Aged Care and Shadow Opposition Spokesperson on Aged Care) all lead to a website that asks the general public to donate a few minutes of time to show their support.

They are calling on the Federal Government to legislate staff ratios laws to better care for elderly nursing home residents.

Supporters can tweet their message directly to the five key budget Politicians in the lead up to Federal Budget 2021 including the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, or send it via Facebook or email.


Annie Butler, Federal Secretary
Lori-Anne Sharp, Assistant Federal Secretary
Sue Bellino, Political Director
Kristy Male, Communications and Campaign Assistant
Nicole Foote Lenoir, Social Media and Digital Officer

Creative & Strategy: The Shannon Company
Creative Director: Stuart Nightingale
Senior Art Director: Kim Hellier
Strategy: Michael Daddo
Sharon Bullen
Web development and build: Lily Tidy; StartUp Studio

Director: Damian Pleming
Edit: Mr Fox
Sound: Production Alley

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