ANZ helps New Zealanders improve their financial wellbeing via TBWA NZ

29 April 2021

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The campaign tells the story of Ravi and Claire along with their two children Sameer and Tara Sharma.

TBWA\NZ and ANZ have launched a new brand platform to help improve the financial wellbeing of all New Zealanders by providing them with the resources, support and products they need.

Rather than telling New Zealanders to get ahead or dream big, ANZ’s ‘We Do How’ is about giving people the practical know-how they need to start their financial wellbeing journey.

The campaign tells the story of Ravi and Claire along with their two children Sameer and Tara Sharma.

The first story shows the many ways Ravi and Claire set out to improve the financial wellbeing of their family, but the heart of the story is about father and son as Sameer spends years working towards his dream of becoming a Black Cap.

Their journey unfolds over time as we watch Sameer grow from a young boy into adulthood, with ANZ supporting the family and providing the ‘hows’ for their ‘whys’.

The emphasis on family also reflects new survey data commissioned by ANZ that reveals post COVID-19, New Zealanders feel wealth is more about knowing they can pay for things to help their family thrive.

“It’s a universal story we can all relate to about why we work hard in New Zealand and how we want our families to enjoy a better, happier life," TBWA\NZ chief creative officer Shane Bradnick says.

"It's also a modern New Zealand story that reflects our diversity and how our love of family and a desire to help our kids succeed is a ‘why’ we can all understand. The Sharmas show us a range of ways to help us all start to improve our financial wellbeing and through them, we can see that if you have a ‘why’ then ANZ has the ‘how’.”

A recent ANZ survey found New Zealanders feel a strong need to improve their financial wellbeing with almost 60% of people wanting to save or invest more for their future and 77% thinking they could be doing better with their money.

“Kiwis want to improve their financial wellbeing, but often just don’t know where to start and so it’s the ‘how’ part that’s important," ANZ general manager of marketing Matt Pickering says. 

"ANZ is committed to giving Kiwis the practical tools and know-how they need to do this, which is why we’ve set up our Financial Wellbeing Programme.

“Financial wellbeing isn’t about being rich, it’s about feeling better about your finances by confidently managing your money today and being able to save a bit for tomorrow.”

ANZ has set up a six-step Financial Wellbeing Programme that is available to everyone, not just ANZ customers.

The programme starts with calculating a person’s financial wellbeing score and more than 22,000 Kiwis have already found out theirs.

We do How will be launched with a hero two-minute ad, which is part of a suite of work designed to demonstrate ANZ’s commitment to financial wellbeing.

The campaign will appear on TV, digital, social, PR, OOH and in-branch.

As part of the internal ANZ staff launch ‘The Deck of How’, a deck of playing cards packed with financial wellbeing ‘hows’ and a digital book ‘The Book of How’ are being produced.

Client: ANZ NZ
Agency: TBWA\NZ
Production Company: Goodoil
Director: Adam Stevens
Executive Producer: Matt Long
Post Production: Blockhead
Editing: The Editors
Audio: Beatworms
Music Licensing: Franklin Road
Media Agency: PHD
PR Agency: TBWA\Eleven PR

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