Beechwood Homes partners with Qantas Frequent Flyer

27 April 2021

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The joint venture has engaged Hello Social as their integrated agency of record to launch and support the partnership.

Beechwood Homes has partnered with Qantas Frequent Flyer to give home builders the opportunity to earn unlimited Qantas Points.

For almost 40 years, Beechwood Homes have built dream houses for thousands of families throughout NSW. With a stunning range of designs, flexible floor plans to suit your needs and transparent pricing structures.

The joint venture has engaged Hello Social as their integrated agency of record to launch and support the partnership.

Hello Social has devised a campaign that includes out of home and TV activity underpinned by an ongoing through the line program.

“We are hearing from more and more brands looking to turn moments into programs," Hello Social chief strategy officer Sam Kelly says.

"Our integrated offering gives brands the ability to have a mainstream moment such as a stunt or TVC spot but also pulls it through the line so it works hard in a performance realm to drive measurable outcomes and put dollars in the till.

"Despite what big ad land tells you, a good idea can be made to work harder than a 30 second spot. We’re all about breaking down traditional silos and connecting the dots across brand and performance, after all we are speaking to one customer.”

Beechwood Homes general manager Tino Cavasinni says the campaign was delivering immediate results.

“We want to make affordable, quality customer builds available to all families," Cavasinni says.

"Partnering with Qantas has allowed us not only to deliver on this promise but also ensure our happy home builders can still reward their family with a holiday. Thanks to a clever partnership, creative, and planning we’ve seen an immediate uptake."

The creative platform builds on the behavioural insight that those saving for homes often sacrifice the small pleasantries in life including coffees, buying lunch at work and even holidays to make it all work.

“The creative plays out the Aussie truism of 'keeping up with the Jones' by putting a comical spin on the notion of neighborly comparison," Hello Social creative lead Julien Dupuche says.

"We wanted to showcase how our offer allows you to have the dream home and the holiday thanks to Beechwood Homes and Qantas Frequent Flyer.

Hello Social
Chief Strategy Officer - Sam Kelly
Creative Lead - Julien Dupuche
Senior Account Manager- Blair Ellis
Post Production- Ivan So

Beechwood Homes
General Manager - Tino Cavasinni
Sales and Marketing Director - Brett Wilson
Consultant - Louis Hanna

Production - Tamberino Productions
Director of Production - Nino Tamberino
Assistant Director of Production - Nina Kalkoff
Sound Engineer - Nathan Codner
Runner - Nick Gasconie
Lighting - Eric Cech

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