TEDxMelbourne launches Limitless

28 May 2019

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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Cummins&Partners has teamed up with TEDxMelbourne for its tenth anniversary, creating a short film Life Assist to launch the event.

TEDxMelbourne has partnered with Cummins&Partners to launch its first major event, Limitless, celebrating its tenth anniversary year.

Limitless explores the question "what’s on the other side of impossible" for humankind.

"Limitless explores how we understand ourselves and the world we live in. The future is both uncertain and exciting," TEDxMelbourne licensee and curator Jon Yeo says.

"We are delighted to have Cummins&Partners work with us to explore this journey. They understand and appreciate the values and attention to detail required to bring an event like this together."

To help launch the event, Cummins&Partners created the short film Life Assist, inspired by the themes of Limitless.

Life Assist was produced completely in house using the agency's internal directors, producers and creatives.

"Already we can see that a side effect of rapidly improving technology is social awkwardness – we DM, sext, message, Facetime, but don’t actually talk," Cummins&Partners creative director Luke Wallis says.

"Staring at the three dots of an incoming text message is anxiety-inducing. We wanted to take this idea to its logical conclusion, and use it to ask more questions."

TEDxMelbourne Limitless is on 5 June at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

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