Corona changes its can design for the first time in 100 years

27 May 2019

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne

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The new campaign Losing Blue was created by Leo Burnett Australia and Mexico to highlight how pollution is impacting the world's oceans.

Leo Burnett Australia and Mexico have joined forces to create a new campaign for Corona called Losing Blue, highlighting the growing pollution in the world's oceans.

Corona has a huge affinity with Mexican beaches, so much so that the design of its packaging is inspired by a beach sunset. The blue represents the ocean, the yellow the sun, and the white the sky.

Today, there is less sea to enjoy because of growing pollution. With the ocean no longer the same, Corona's packaging has gotten an update.

The Corona Cans have changed design for the first time in 100 years to show how polluted Mexican beaches are.

The agency collected data about pollution from each beach in Mexico and made it visible on the packaging.

Each can comes with a specific beach name and its level of contamination. The more contaminated water on each of the beaches, the less blue in the cans.

The call to action was simple - the blue of the seas can be recovered by using less plastic.

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