The NRL and DrinkWise promote safer drinking culture

27 May 2019

Advertiser: NRL
Creative Agency: The Monkeys

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The new campaign was created by The Monkeys with rugby legends Wally Lewis, James Tedesco and Tepai Moeroa to remind fans they don't want to miss the game.

In partnership with the NRL, DrinkWise has unveiled an integrated campaign to highlight the importance of drinking in moderation and to ensure that fans won’t miss a moment of the game.

The campaign, created by The Monkeys, aims to promote a safer drinking culture within Australia with a little help from past and present rugby legends Wally Lewis, James Tedesco and Tepai Moeroa.

“As part of our partnership with the NRL, we want to remind all fans that they won’t miss a moment of NRL action if they DrinkWise," DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan says.

"This ad, in conjunction with an education program to players, is part of a larger platform to promote moderation around the game by reminding everyone about the moments that make this game great."

Following the journey of a fan who wakes up the morning after a big night of drinking, the spot shows his surprise as his football heroes confront him struggling to remember what happened in the game the night before.

“For many, having a few drinks while watching sport is something we’ve all grown up with," The Monkeys Melbourne chief creative officer Ant Keogh says.

"We wanted to remind NRL fans what they’re there for in the first place; to put their focus on the game rather than on drinking.”

The national campaign is set to roll out across broadcast, digital and will also run alongside in-stadium messaging at NRL games.

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