Movember helps dad become a 'Family Man' via Cummins&Partners

3 February 2021

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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The digital campaign will go live in several of Movember’s global markets.

Movember and Cummins&Partners have teamed up to launch Family Man, a new science-based, interactive parenting tool designed with dads in mind.

Created in-house at Movember, Family Man is an online experience that features strategies and tips developed by behavioural experts, designed to help parents learn strategies for dealing with difficult children aged between two and eight.

The program aims to engage dads in the parenting process, ultimately improving their mental health by building their competence and confidence, and empowering them to raise happy, healthy children.

“Our mission at Movember is for men to live happier, healthier and longer lives," Movember marketing director of programs Hugh Miller says.

"By investing in Family Man, Movember is not only investing in the dads of today but investing in better outcomes for the next generation of men.” 

To launch the tool, Cummins&Partners has created a series of online films featuring a fictional call-centre, Dial A Dad, staffed by poorly trained, well-meaning dads.

"In the past, parenting strategies have been made up of hearsay, old dad's tales or blokes simply making it up as they go along," Cummins&Partners associate creative director Adam Slater says.

"So to position Family Man as an innovative solution built for modern parents, we decided to imagine what a cutting-edge parenting tool would have looked like when our parents were raising us."

The digital campaign will go live over the next week in several of Movember’s global markets, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Ireland and the USA. 


Hugh Miller – Marketing Director, Programs
Samantha Puma – Marketing Planner, Programs
Stephanie Clark – Marketing Manager, Programs

Associate Creative Director: Adam Slater
Copywriter: Chris Ching
Art Directors: Jenny Tang, Cam McMillan
Group Account Director: Hayden Isaacs
Integration Director: Rachel Beckley
Senior Planner: Brad Hill

Production: Cummins&Partners
Head of Broadcast: Karley Cameron
Director: Jesse Richards
DOP: Marcus Cropp
Wardrobe: Imogen Walsh
Production Design: Elena Lyons-Dawson
Producer: Steph Watt
Editor: Jesse Richards
Colourist: Crayon
Sound: Bang Bang Studios


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