Hyundai Super Bowl ad teases Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart

29 January 2016

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Hyundai is one of many brands to recruit big celebs for the Super Bowl 50.

Hyundai US are teasing viewers with actor Ryan Reynolds and comedian Kevin Hart in its latest clips for the Super Bowl.

The automaker has debuted with four short clips; two titled ‘The Chase’ that have an eerie horror movie vibe showing people running through a forest trying to escape something. The rumour is they are trying to escape two talking bears – not nearly as frightening as the teaser would have you believe.

The next clip, ‘First Date’ shows a young man coming to take a girl out on a date in his Hyundai, of course. Dad (Kevin Hart) comes to the door, and if you’ve seen Bad Boys, it’s obvious where this one is going.

In the ‘Ryanville’ spot, two women driving an Elantra get distracted at the sight of something or someone, which is reportedly Mr Reynolds walking through the neighbourhood with a whole heap of dogs - pretty much any woman’s idea of heaven.

With Hyundai paying the big bucks this year to lock in two 30-second in-game ads, plus one pre-game ad and another spot before the kick-off, the recruitment of celebrities is part of the aggressive marketing strategy.

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