BPAY presents Australian drought stories in online art exhibition via BMF

20 March 2020

Creative Agency: BMF

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'GRIT – Australian Drought Stories’ was directed by emerging Australian filmmaker Kyra Bartley of FINCH with photographs by Joel Pratley.

As part of the awareness and fundraising campaign to help drought-affected farmers pay their bills, BPAY has launched www.gritstories.com.au, an online art exhibition which features an exclusive documentary ‘GRIT – Australian Drought Stories’, directed by emerging Australian filmmaker Kyra Bartley of FINCH and photographs by Joel Pratley.

The once physical exhibition has become an online experience, due to the new social distancing measures, and allows you to experience the exhibition from your home.

GRIT – Australian Drought Stories, presented by BPAY, showcases an array of assets for virtual viewers to see the current reality for Australian farmers through a unique lens.

The exhibition encourages visitors to donate to Rural Aid using BPAY with proceeds from all donations going directly to Rural Aid.

To kick-start these donations, BPAY has already contributed $100,000.

The online exhibition at www.gritstories.com.au brings to life two kinds of grit: the resilience and stoic strength of Aussie farmers battling through the worst drought in living memory, as well as the transformation of once fertile farmland into barren, parched fields of red grit.

Users will discover Joel Pratley’s searing photography, alongside stirring quotes from farmers who have shared their challenging stories and will have the opportunity to watch the exclusive documentary.

During the making of the BPAY campaign, which launched earlier this month, the client and agency team had the opportunity to meet with farmers and after hearing their stories, the idea to extend the campaign through a long-form documentary and photography was born.

BMF executive creative director Alex Derwin says: “Australians are a tough bunch, but even the toughest people would find it hard to endure what Australian farmers have been through over the last few years. Their spirit, strength and community-mindedness really shine through, in both Kyra’s film and Joel’s photography. While we’re all aware of the severity of the drought it takes work like this to bring to light the human cost of it. It’s been a privilege to work with BPAY and Finch on producing a campaign that hopefully will help ease some of the burden on these incredibly resilient Australians.”

Filmaker Kyra Bartley says: “Meeting each of the farmers and witnessing their daily realities – from dust storms to water trucks and $20,000 feed deliveries – was a much-needed wake-up call in regards to how tough the drought continues to be for rural communities. It was important to me to capture the incredible resilience of our farmers, whilst also illuminating the very real personal and emotional burdens that go hand in hand with the financial ones.”

Photographer Joel Pratley says: “It’s a privilege to walk in their shoes, for even just a moment, and be a window into their world. It’s clear the drought has taken hold and the road to recovery for both the land and themselves is a long one. But our presence is felt with acts of kindness and support, no matter how big or small.”

BPAY Group general manager marketing and communication Renee Amor says: “Australians feel like the run of bad luck has just kept running. An online exhibtion is just one way we can share the stories of the most resilient Australians I've met. This exhibition creates awareness and drives support to help pay the bills of drought-stricken Aussie farmers across the nation who are going to need support for a long time to come.”


Creative Agency: BMF
Executive Creative Director: Alex Derwin
Group Creative Director: Luke Martin and Pia Chaudhuri
Creative Director: Douglas Hamilton
Art Director: Casey Schweikert
Designer: Matthew Hughes
Managing Director: Stephen McArdle
Account Manager: Adam Reeves
Head of TV: Jenny Lee-Archer
Production Company: FINCH
Director and Filmmaker: Kyra Bartley
Producer: Bryce Lintern
Post Production: Atticus
Editor: Delaney Murphy
Sound and Music: Rumble Studios
DOP: Campbell Brown
Art Buyer: Basir Salleh
Photographer: Joel Pratley
Integrated producer: Simone Plaza
Digital Producer: Danielle Kartika
Front End Developer: King Tan

Client: BPAY Group
General Manager Marketing and Communication: Renee Amor
Senior Brand & Marketing Manager: Brittany Kury
Brand Campaign Manager: Emily Vella
PR & Communication Manager: Dung Nguyen

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