ABC Kids unveils fresh new brand identity

18 March 2020

Advertiser: ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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All work was conceived, designed and produced in-house by the ABC MADE team.

ABC Kids has launched a refreshed look and feel for the entirety of ABC's preschool offering.

Home to trusted and loved programs, apps, games and audio content, audiences can now experience ABC Kids in a consistent way - on air, online, in the app and across its full suite of products.

For many years, the ABC Kids logo has been linked to three characters: apple, bee, carrot.

Following lengthy design exploration and audience testing to review the characters the ABCs are now: Apple, Bee and Crocodile.

Along with the updated characters, the logo, colours and audio identity have been redesigned to unify all ABC Kids touchpoints under one identifiable aesthetic.

"ABC Kids has some of the best content in the world for pre-school children" says Diana Costantini, creative director of ABC's in-house creative agency MADE.

"To ensure our shows remain front and centre, we took the decision to simplify the branding and amplify the content.

"The new look is fresh, fun and energetic using a combination of live action, 2D animation, lots of gorgeous little humans singing and dancing and all set to the beat of originally composed, very earwormy music tracks."

All work was conceived, designed and produced in-house by the ABC MADE team.

Original tracks were composed by the ABC MADE team.

The MADE team worked with an external crew, Barefoot Films, to shoot the brand film.


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