Audi Australia releases feature-length documentary on artificial intelligence

25 June 2020

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The film was produced by FINCH in association with the Emmy Award winning team at Supper Club.

Audi Australia has collaborated with the award-winning creators of the Netflix series, Chef’s Table , to produce a feature-length documentary about artificial intelligence (AI) – the most radical new technology of our time.

Following on from its Australian theatrical premiere in December 2019, MACHINE, will make its debut on free-to-air television at 8:30pm AEST Sunday, June 28 on SBS Viceland.

Directed by Grammy nominated filmmaker Justin Krook (I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead) , MACHINE, explores the fascinating and startling world of AI, infiltrating everything from transport to military to healthcare – among an evergrowing list of fields – AI is no longer merely the realm of science fiction.

Featuring interviews with globally renowned AI experts, the film places AI at the centre of the conversation, tracking how it is created, and what it will mean for the way we work, play, live and learn.

“MACHINE is a film that not only looks at the practical applications of AI, but also the ethical questions raised by these new developments, including autonomous mobility and the future of such technological advancements,” Audi Australia chief customer and marketing officer Nikki Warburton says.

“In the current environment, we are noticing a cultural shift in the behaviours and attitudes of how consumers are engaging with brands – they’re seeking relevance and validation on how they can play their part and add value, particularly when it comes to societal issues.

“MACHINE is a new digital platform that enables us to spark a broader discussion on the topic of AI, while integrating the Audi brand in a medium that is widely consumed in all markets.”

The film examines the fast-changing, AI-infused reality and its immerse impact upon everything from identity and creativity to longevity and sexuality, following a sequence of seven different AI topic chapters.

The film travels from Japan, Germany, America, Australia and the United Nations in Geneva, and features inventors, engineers and thought leaders as they tackle the myriad of ethical dilemmas this radical new technology brings.

The head of autonomous driving at AUDI AG, Dr Miklos Kiss, features as one of the many subject-matter experts in the film, offering his knowledge around the mechanics, ethics and politics of AI’s role in a future that includes autonomous driving technologies.

Marc Lichte, head of design at AUDI AG also stars in the film with discussion around the future of AI and innovative design concepts.

MACHINE was unveiled globally at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August 2019, and was followed by its Australian theatrical release with ICON Film Distribution in December 2019.

The film also featured at the Glasgow Film Festival and Manchester Film Festival in March 2020, and most recently secured multiple awards across a number of categories at the 41st AWARD Awards in June 2020.

MACHINE will also be available on SBS On Demand for 30 days after the broadcast.

ICON Film Distribution will also make the film available On-Demand in Australia from August, 2020.

Internationally, MACHINE will be available On-Demand in a number of markets later this year.

MACHINE was produced by Australian production company FINCH in association with the Emmy Award winning team at Supper Club.

The film is produced by Michael Hilliard (Chef’s Table) and Luke Mazzaferro (Red Hill) of FINCH, written by James Maclurcan & Luke Mazzaferro, and Executive Produced by FINCH’s Rob Galluzzo (Red Hill), Supper Club’s David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Chef’s Table), Jason Sterman (13th), Brian McGinn (Amanda Knox, Street Food), Audi Australia’s Sean McKeever and 303 Mullenlowe’s Nick Cleaver.

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