Klarna and Universal Music parody Australians' lockdown shopping habits

25 June 2020

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The Inspired Unemployed, Tuka and Thandi Phoenix all star in the campaign.

What do The Inspired Unemployed, Tuka and Thandi Phoenix have in common? Like every other Australian, they were stuck inside their homes for weeks on end with little to do but online shopping and song writing.

The talented trio have since teamed up with shopping service and payments provider Klarna and Universal Music Australia’s Bring Agency to write, record and produce a parody music track and video about the weird online shopping habits we all developed during lock down.

Widely recognised as a leader in innovation, Klarna is also known for colourful and creative campaigns that challenge cultural norms.

Unlike other traditional payments providers, Klarna’s focus is on delivering the best end-to-end shopping experience for consumers with curated in-app wish lists and price drop alerts, allowing shoppers to get what they really love – the inspiration for the song.

Get What I Love hilariously shines a big pink spotlight on these weird trends – the stuff we didn’t know we needed before the world changed, as well as a few cheeky “treat yourself” purchases like a Tiger King G-String.

Written as a collaboration over Zoom, the original R’n’B flavoured pop song, Get What I Love, brings the Klarna brand to Australia in a big, bold and stand-out way and is designed to ‘stop the thumb’ and get people talking.

“We are so excited about this collaboration and working with such amazing Australian talent. Klarna is all about the consumer experience and delighting customers," Klarna head of marketing Australia and New Zealand Andrea Darling says.

"This music video illustrates perfectly how we do things differently and in a fun way. It's time for a new kind of shopping service that is genuinely interested in its customer and fits with their lifestyle.”

From swapping high heels for Uggs, buying bread makers to bake that insta-worthy sourdough, to even making use of those hoarded baked bean tins to tone that at-home bod, the music video takes a light-hearted look back at the journey each and every one of us went on during our COVID-19 lockdown.

“By combining great talent, the power of Universal Music’s 100 years of creating hits as well as leveraging data to inform the lyrical content, we believe we have been able to create a track and music video that not only tells the brand narrative in an original and highly impactful way, but will really resonate with Australians emerging from lock-down,” Bring Agency executive creative director James "Griff" Griffiths says.

Bring Agency general manager Adam Ireland says music is an "optimal vehicle" to deliver cultural capital for brands.

"Klarna’s bravery gave us license to push creative boundaries by tapping into the assets and know-how of our music business -– streaming data, talent archetypes, licensing, media, music A&R and more to deliver what we think is a powerfully humorous cultural statement," Ireland says.

The music video focuses on two flatmates (The Inspired Unemployed) stuck in lockdown in their apartment.

Each week a new purchase is delivered to their door thanks to the smooth Klarna shopping experience.

As time passes, our two stars continue to make use of the items delivered, sometimes in unexpected ways.

The campaign, launching today, will run across YouTube, social media, various media partnerships and PR.

Andrea Darling, Head of Marketing, ANZ Klarna Bank AB (publ)
Rebecca Selth, Consumer Marketing Manager, Klarna
Chris Sadler, Marketing Specialist, Klarna
Leo Holte, Senior Marketing Associate, Klarna
Camilla Birkstrom, Brand Design Lead, Klarna
Erin Copithorne, Senior Copywriter, Klarna
Kellie Hush, Content Editor, Klarna
Ambre Harford, PR Lead, The Mint Partners

Adam Ireland, General Manager, BRING
James Griffiths, Executive Creative Director, BRING
Kate Allan, Music Partnerships, BRING
Sam Freeman, Brand Partnerships, BRING
Will Blackburn, Creative, BRING
Alexia Tomshin, Producer, BRING

Video Production: Entropico
Erin Moy, Executive Producer
Chester Buchanan, Director
Tim Burnett, Producer
Tom Black, DOP
Cole Bennetts, Photographer
Jacqui Hudson, Art Director
Isabella Mamas, Stylist
Joshua Slade Jasper, Set Designer

Song Production:
Tom Cardy, Producer
Lewis Mitchell, Sound Engineer

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