OOH businesses: don’t let DOOH become D’oh!

Ayuda managing director Remi Roques
By Ayuda managing director Remi Roques | 11 February 2019
Remi Roques

Remember when a Proof of Posting (POP) report was just a bunch of Powerpoint slides your sales rep would email over to their agency?

Mostly made up of pictures, a POP would show the billboard sites once the campaign creative had been installed, sometimes including a few vague stats. Maybe the daily traffic figures for the particular road/s in use, or the number of eyeballs you could guesstimate that were likely to see the ad. Not exactly groundbreaking.

Well, those days are gone… at least for the out of home (OOH) companies working with Ayuda Media Systems.

Imagine being able to promise your clients not just the site locations of a digital OOH (DOOH) campaign, but the exact audience reach. Think if a DOOH campaign could offer audiences engaging, tailored advertising in real-time. Post-campaign reporting wouldn’t just be a simple POP; it would show your clients the additional revenue secured for their business through the use of an innovative DOOH campaign.

What if you could do all that, plus roll the entire suite of outdoor sales, inventory management and invoicing tools for static and digital into one easy-to-use, cloud-based software?

At Ayuda Media Systems, we’ve been thinking of these questions for more than a decade, and we’ve got you covered.

Operating since 2003, Ayuda is a global technology company helping the OOH industry grow their business, and transition to digital. We saw the digital revolution that is sweeping the advertising industry globally coming from a mile off, and started building our Digital Player over ten years ago.

The latest data from the Australian Outdoor Media Association (OMA) shows that DOOH made up almost half of total OOH revenue in 2017, and that figure is only expected to grow. We’re also seeing more and more advertisers moving towards DOOH programmatic, thanks to the constant improvements and innovations in audience measurement capabilities.

As one industry leader recently told AdNews, in 2019 “we’ll see programmatic DOOH build scale and functionality, boosted by its ability to reach audiences without infringing on consumer privacy concerns.” It’s an exciting space to be in.

Of course, while digital technology represents a huge opportunity to the OOH sector - as it does in almost every industry - it also presents some challenges. Now, more than ever, is the time for OOH businesses to improve the responsiveness and agility of the medium, and advance their offering with new technologies.

With an increased focus on transparency across the advertising industry as a whole, the pressure is on for media owners to deliver on agencies’ and clients’ heightening expectations. For OOH businesses, pressure on sales targets is forever on the rise, placing further downward pressure on operational efficiencies. It’s more important now than ever before to be making the most of your inventory.

Ayuda provides software that runs OOH businesses through a fast, data-rich, cloud-based suite of applications that seamlessly pulls together every aspect of the OOH workflow. We help our clients deliver OOH campaigns with efficient, trackable, and accountable campaign reporting pre-, during and post-campaign. In the OOH space, we are the only complete, end-to-end solution.

We understand that it’s not just a simple matter of transferring the operating systems that help service Static OOH signage over to the DOOH offering. There is a need for new technology around operational systems designed exclusively for DOOH.

More and more, we are seeing OOH companies increase revenue by investing in programmatic solutions, enabling them to make use of audience data, and target specific demographic groups. Working with our advertising technology partner, Hivestack, Ayuda offers our clients an innovative OOH solution that addresses advertisers’ needs, as well as the industry trends towards digitalisation, and programmatic within traditional outdoor environments.

Always seeking to advance our software and be ready for ‘what’s next’, we only partner with the best in the field. Recently, we worked with Seedooh, IAS and other verification companies to interface our respective software allowing us to provide an automated proof-of-performance reporting in these platforms to our clients.

Proof to our unparalleled drive for innovation and advancement, we offer a complete solution to buy campaigns programmatically through demand-side platforms used by media agencies to purchase online advertising. Ground-breaking to think agencies can now include OOH inventory in an online campaign.

Many companies in Australia, Asia and all over the world have chosen Ayuda’s software to power all media workflows, including sales, operations, finance, digital scheduling, data-driven digital ad-serving, and customer-facing enablement tools. Our unrivalled technology, customisable campaign reporting, and robust Content Management System (CMS), have enabled forward-thinking OOH players to become leaders in their field.

At Ayuda, we not only help OOH businesses deliver highly nuanced, bespoke Static and Digital outdoor campaigns, but we also improve transparency and accountability within the OOH sector as a whole, we continue to innovate and grow our offering in the region including Asia, with now servicing clients in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Gone are the days of a simple POP presentation to show your clients what their advertising is doing for them. The time is now for OOH companies to innovate, or risk being left behind.

For more information on how we support the OOH industry and can help grow your business, visit the Ayuda website.

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