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Integer hosted a seminar that gathered international experts and Amazon representatives

“Day 2 is stasis, followed by death. That is why at Amazon it is always Day 1.”

Amazon’s Australian “Day 1” exceeded their expectations. Yet to most of us, its impact is yet to be felt.

As a result, it seems Australian brands are sitting back, tentatively waiting for a successful ‘case study’ before investing in the platform. In traditional circles, this might be smart business. Amazon, however, are not your traditional business.

Last week Integer, one of only nine international Amazon Trusted Creative Partners, hosted a seminar that gathered international experts and Amazon representatives to discuss how brands can Navigate an Amazon Future. The message was clear – Amazon will change the retail landscape, that the future starts now, and brands focusing on strong Amazon basics will set themselves up for the opportunities to come.

Their advice? Take action. This is an opportunity for smart brands to get in at the ground floor of what will be the next growth engine for Australian retail. Those that wait will miss the boat.

The impact? As Morgan McAlenney, EVP of Digital at Integer Worldwide highlighted the slow start is a unique benefit - Australian brands are lucky – early adopters with strong fundamentals will be well placed to win. Brands that can change the way they think, adopt a truly consumer first approach, and understand the algorithm can drive scale beyond share in the traditional market.

So, what did the experts advise?

1. Amazon will succeed

Amazon is building quickly, with a view to creating the ‘full experience’ in time. The Day 1 mindset will ensure they build what is right for consumers, and they will achieve success. Integer suggested that what has taken 10 years to build in the US will take far less in Australia.

2. Amazon is simply complex

Much more than a retailer – Amazon is a customer, marketplace, manufacturer, marketing platform, data hub, review forum, content creator and innovator.

For this complexity McAlenney reiterated that strong basics (content, search, ratings and review, sell through and availability) are key to unlocking future value across the platform and set up uniquely integrated omni-channel opportunities.

3. Amazon’s consumer centricity demands a rethink

A superior customer experience is Amazon’s beating heart, driven by an obsession with data across all product verticals.

McAlenney explained for many brands the approach required to finding success in this environment is akin to a brand relaunch.

4. Utility drives experience

Voice is a hot topic for marketers, as a new platform or channel. Amazon have found that for all the allure of voice, its success depends on delivering true user utility beyond the current – a truth for their development and the success of brands on the platform.

5. Preparation for the Amazon future is crucial

Future success is built on strong foundations. In particular, winning ‘search’ is paramount to success on Amazon, and can’t be bought.

Wylie Fowler, GM of Integer Australia explained that businesses should address three strategic questions:

1. How do people find your products?
2. How do people choose your products over others in your category?
3. If you’re not winning in your category, what ARE you doing?

Amazon is perhaps the first of a new breed of branding and selling platform for brands. It feels at once fertile and daunting. Luckily we have years of global learnings to help accelerate our collective capability.

Whatever your needs, Integer know how to navigate an Amazon future. Contact to find out more.

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