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Sarah Homewood
By Sarah Homewood | 26 June 2015

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Ogilvy is the latest agency to tackle innovation head on with the agency aiming to disrupt instead of facing disruption by launching OgilvyVentures, an innovation arm aimed at bridging the gap between marketing and tech.

“There are a lot of really good ideas that never leave the pitch because the CMO has trouble executing it internally, because the CTO doesn’t come along on that ride,” Anthony Johnston OgilvyVentures page 10.

The Sell:

Heritage agency DDB Melbourne has a new positioning in market, a new leadership structure and it's determined to adapt to the ever-changing landscape so the agency doesn't fall by the wayside. Group MD David Brown and chief creative officer Darren Spiller share their vision for the agencies future.

“A huge problem with agencies in general is that we do not move quick enough – hence what happened to agencies when the digital world exploded,” Darren Spiller DDB page 12

Special Report: Branded content is becoming the new frontier

It's been a huge week for branded content and content marketing. WWP, Snapchat and the Daily Mail formed a content super alliance. Just a day before news giant the BBC entered the content fray. In this issue's special report the new face of branded content is examined, whose playing, whose winning, and whose got teeth?

“My personal belief is you can never build a brand by only doing advertising. You build a brand by driving advocacy, and an excellent way to drive advocacy is by content marketing,” Damien Cummings Philips global CMO page 16

Big Picture:

There's a gaping hole in the midst of agencies – and it’s widening. The talent gap, not just on the digital, data and tech side but rather that of mid-level creative and media talent which agencies just can't seem to fill.

“We can no longer afford to hold onto people, so it’s heavily based on account moves and reviews. We can’t carry the cost [of mid-level staff] unless it’s directly related to revenue. There’s just no fat at all left in the business so any chance [of accounts/revenue] means that people have to go.” Rob Belgiovane BWM Dentsu page 14.

Other highlights include:

“The unfortunate thing is, clients should be looking at reviewing their agencies if they are not happy with the standard of work they are getting. Wouldn’t it be great if they were saying that instead of just beating the shit out of agencies to get a better price?” Nick Emery Mindshare page 04.

“Brands have different approaches to it depending on their level of comfort in working with publishing partners and how confident they feel to release a little bit of control.” Alistair McEwan BBC page 05.

“In 2015 the cost of eyeballs has increased beyond CPI, a hard number for most procurement execs to digest.” Peter Wiltshire Nine Entertainment Co. page 27

“It's a huge problem for brands because it's hard to be authentic [on social], and it's hard for them to find an entry point and relevancy without seeming like they're butting into a conversation that they shouldn't be in,” Neil Varcoe Storyful page 05.

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