McDonald's ventures into anti-marketing territory for latest campaign

Nicola Riches
By Nicola Riches | 13 May 2015

McDonald's Australia is embarking on a brave anti-marketing campaign, pitching itself against its former fast food incarnation with the strapline: “how very unMcDonald's”.

To promote the opening of its gourmet-style restaurant diners across the country, it is launching the 'Create Your Taste' campaign in association with DDB Sydney.

The spots – three are already up on YouTube - show the food outlets frequented by people who would never had previously eaten in McDonald's, while showcasing elements of the new gourmet burger menus.

Australia CMO Mark Lollback said: “This is the biggest innovation our business has seen since the introduction of McCafé. We know based on the response we’ve had from those who've visited the stores we've transformed already, consumers are surprised to see McDonald's offering gourmet ingredients and table service and that as a result we're attracting people who didn't think McDonald's was for them.”

DDB was charged with creating “something disruptive that the market would talk about”. Initially it will appear across Victoria but will roll out nationwide and online across TV, digital, radio, OOH, social, CRM, activation and print, before extending into a national campaign in June.

Last week McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook outlined a turnaround for the fast food business to stem a long-term trend of stagnant growth. In doing so, he outlined changes to marketing and brand experience and called out Australia as a lead market that has already exceeded the rollout of a number of initiatives that will now become global.

The turnaround, Easterbrook said, would focus on three main points; driving operational growth, returning excitement to the brand and unlocking financial value.

A year after reviving its Ronald McDonald character and giving the mascot a hipster facelift, it has also reintroduced the infamous Hamburglar character in the US.

Almost a week ago, McDonald's tweeted a 30-second ad featuring the unidentified character, implying that the limited edition sirloin burgers are bringing everyone out of the woodwork; “Even him.”

YouTube spots:

Hello Harold,


Not so fast food


Introducing Create Your Taste

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