Industry Profile: Imagination MD Anthony Gowthorp

Pippa Chambers
By Pippa Chambers | 12 September 2016
Anthony Gowthorp

Our Industry Insights Profile takes a weekly look at some of the professionals working across the advertising, ad tech, marketing and media sector in Australia. It aims to shed light on the varying roles and companies across the buzzing industry.

Last week we spoke to culinary queen and editor-in-chief, Donna Hay. This week we head to Sydney to speak to Anthony Gowthorp, MD at Sydney-based experiential and creative agency, Imagination.

Duration in current role/time at the company:

Three and half years.

In one sentence, how would you describe what the company does?

​Creative agency that believes in the power of experiences​.

In one sentence, what does your role involve?

​Building a great team of passionate, creative and diverse​ly skilled individuals who consistently deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

Within the last six months/year, what stands out as the company’s major milestones?

​Investment in a 300 sqm Innovation Lab at our Pyrmont office. A play space for our clients to collaborate on tech-driven ideas that ​change the way their target audiences think, feel and engage with their brand or business message. Experiences are now powered by technology, fuelled by content and amplified by social. Our Innovation Lab gives us the ability to be ahead of the curve and deliver the exceptional.

Best thing about the industry you work in:

​The people - our staff and our clients (seriously) and the technology space marketing is shifting into at a rapid pace.​

Previous industry related (ad land/ad tech) companies you have worked at:

​ABT, an event production agency and Precinct ​a corporate communications agency.

Career-wise, where do you see yourself in three years time?

​Still at Imagination​, leading the best agency in our space.

What is the elephant in the room? The thing that no one is talking about – but they should be.

​Measuring true ROI effectiveness of integrated campaigns. Many claim they have the holy grail of measurement but no-one does - not even pure digital agencies. Measuring true effectiveness is distorted by agency sector self-interest. ​

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?

​I was born in Alice Springs​.

Top networking tip:

​Remember people's name and use it as often as you can.

My favourite restaurant for a business lunch is:

​Cafe Sydney​.

My favourite advert is:

​The new Telstra campaign​ (love the big giant, so does my daughter).

My must-have gadget is:

​Mini-iPad​, iPhone, Macbook Air - an Apple Tragic.

My favourite media is:

​Internet​ ​(hence my mini-iPad)​.

My favourite TV show is:

​I tend to watch Netflix series; my last few series which I enjoyed were; Vikings and Suits​.

The last book I read:

​Blood Flag by Steve Martini (​a thriller, nice to escape the real world when I can).

My mantra / philosophy is:

​I actually have a statement which I wrote down a long time ago and keep close;

Focus on what’s important. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do everything with a kind heart. Be fearless. Be thankful. Be respectful. Be open-minded. Dream big. Write down your goals. Never give up. Learn from mistakes. Say less mean more. Be your own person. Be with positive people. Sprint from negative ones. Think happy thoughts. Smile at strangers. Keep fit. Eat right. Read widely. Embrace change. Live in the now.

I got into advertising/ad tech/marketing etc because:

​Someone offered me a job and I took it. ​Simple as that.

If I wasn't doing this for a living, I'd be:

​A professional golfer (fortunately for the Tour I chose this industry)​.

In five years' time I'll be:

​Nearly free of private school fees​.

Define your job in one word:


What's your poison:

Nothing like a cold beer after day’s work.

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