Volkswagen new campaign wants you to trust them again

16 February 2016

Advertiser: Volkswagen

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The latest Volkswagen ad tugs the heart strings, but is it too much too soon?

Volkswagen’s seeks to rebuild trust with a new brand campaign following the emissions scandal that saw VW shares lose more than a third of its value.

The emotional ad, by DDB Berlin, uses iconic Volkswagen models to mark the key stages a person’s life, starring a young ginger-haired boy. The boys starts off in the backseat of his father’s VW Beetle, traveling through moments in his life, and ends with the boy, now a man, driving his own child in a modern VW car.

The idea is that VW has always been there for people at every stage of their lives – despite deliberately lying to consumers.

The campaign first aired in the UK and will later roll out across various European countries.

VW played it safe with the automotive ad. While it gives the warm and fuzzy feelings, but perhaps it asks a lot of consumers to simply skim over the 2015 scandal

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