The Royals reveal why Papa Giuseppi’s 'Happies the Hungries'

19 July 2021

Creative Agency: The Royals

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The campaign has launched across BVOD, radio, digital OOH and social.

A new campaign for Papa Giuseppi’s revels in uninhibited pizza joy, showing how the frozen pizza brand can cure a serious case of the hungries.

‘Happies the hungries’ is the first campaign for the brand by The Royals and sets up Papa Giuseppi’s as the perfect solution to the hungries – a more extreme state than the mere munchies.

The campaign has launched across BVOD, radio, digital OOH and social.

The film shows a man slowly unravelling as he finds himself in an endless cycle of repeatedly checking the cupboard and fridge for anything to satisfy his dinnertime hunger. An exercise many of us can relate to. With a slice served up by Papa Giuseppi himself though, he enters pure pizza nirvana.

Adopting a fun tone and being unapologetic about its ‘frozenness’, Papa G’s aims to smash through the social stigma still attached to pizza from the frozen aisle.

Part of the Dr Oetker stable of brands, Papa Giuseppi’s is sold in supermarkets nationally.

“We love that our new Papa Giuseppi’s campaign really brings our key brand assets to life at the centre of the Happies the Hungries idea," says Monique Brougham, assistant brand manager at Dr Oetker. 

"Papa Giuseppi’s has been satisfying Australians’ hunger from the convenience of their freezers for almost 50 years, and this campaign is the perfect way to celebrate what we’re all about.”

The Royals creatives Kevin Pease and Lee Spencer say: “To come up with the idea, we didn’t eat for a day, to really get into the mindset. That’s how ‘Happies the Hungries’ was born. A brand platform that allows us to continually reinvent what it means to be hungry for a range of contextual media placements.”

Client: Dr Oetker
Agency: The Royals
Production Company: HOOVES

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