Sleeping Duck shows how its mattresses bounce back after being steamrolled

19 July 2021

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The campaign features a real-life experiment with comedian and actor Lawrence Ola.

Sleeping Duck’s new TV ad campaign showcases its biggest fan driving a 15-tonne steamroller over the latest Mach II spring mattress; the results will have back-pain sufferers jumping for joy.

The campaign, which launches across Australia on July 19, features a real-life experiment with comedian and actor Lawrence Ola attempting to crush Sleeping Duck’s aero-space engineered spring technology to see if it can survive without sagging.

“Sleeping Duck’s twice-tempered steel springs really are indestructible,” Lawrence says.

“It’s not just a marketing gimmick. The creators have over-engineered this thing, so it avoids the back-killing sag you often get with a cheap foam mattress that does not have springs.”

As a control test, Lawrence’s steamroller also drives over a popular foam-only mattress. Not surprisingly, it’s permanently flattened, while Sleeping Duck’s advanced spring technology recovers immediately to its original height. No sagging.

While the tone of the TVC is tongue-in-cheek, the results are genuine.

Sleeping Duck’s co-founder engineers Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan believe they have created the world’s most advanced mattress.

“We’ve re-invented the mattress, and we’re proud of what’s inside,” Winston says.

“We’ve taken what used to be a slab of dust-gathering foam and turned it into an active product that you can open up and customise at home. This gives our customers the ability to achieve the best possible comfort and sleep recovery."

The campaign will roll out nationally across television, radio and online from July 19, 2021.

It was produced in-house by Sleeping Duck and shot on location in Sydney’s White Bay.

It was conceived by creative director Prateek Bando in collaboration with Gary Eck and co-founder Winston Wijeyeratne and produced by Sean O'Reilly. 

Concept: Prateek Bando, Gary Eck and Winston Wijeyeratne
Produced by: Sean O'Reilly
Written/Directed by: Prateek Bando
Website Creative: Gary Eck
Website Design: Amber Yip, Anjan Chakravarti, Jeremy Ley, Ben Hooper

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