Superhero gives trading a kick up the ASX via Hardhat

14 September 2020

Creative Agency: Hardhat Digital

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Hardhat led the strategy and creative for the Your Money, Your Move launch campaign.

Superhero, a new disruptor in the online share trading space, has launched in the Australian market, with a major communications campaign from creative agency Hardhat.

The startup has been backed by major players in the Australian fintech segment, including the founders of both Zip and Afterpay.

Superhero’s fresh take and sleek interface have been designed for an audience that’s grown up with smartphones, social media and eCommerce.

Where traditional online trading platforms have interfaces akin to Excel spreadsheets, Superhero’s user experience is more like that of a modern online retailer.

The result is an environment that’s easier to understand, more accessible and more welcoming, especially for newer investors.

Hardhat has led the strategy and creative for the Your Money, Your Move launch campaign, which commenced roll out from September 7.

“Hardhat has been pivotal in our launch strategy that’s been driven with efficiency and speed," Superhero co-founder and CEO John Winter says.

"From the beginning, we felt inspired by their creativity and understanding of our brand vision which we feel has enabled us to get to where we are today.”

The campaign consists of film, display and a suite of other digital assets including a new website.

“Behaviours and barriers around share trading have changed dramatically over the years, with more people wanting more access and control over their money," Hardhat executive creative director Glenn Dalton says.

"Partnering with the Superhero team early in the process allowed us to highlight the category tension points, and establish a brand positioning and tone that doesn’t just throw stones at the established set, but changes the playbook.” 

Glenn Dalton - Executive Creative Director
Reece Ryan - Creative Director
Jonathan Heath - Senior Creative
Heath Schmidt - Art Director
Zane Flynn - Designer
Chloe Gmehling - Designer
Haley Kriksic - Account Director
Brogan Sulzberger - Project Manager

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