Cancer Council Victoria urges men to do the bowel screening test

14 September 2020

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No Butts About It airs across TV, radio and digital channels in Victoria.

With only one third of eligible Victorian men aged 50-54 participating in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, Cancer Council Victoria has launched an urgent call for them to complete the free life-saving test when it arrives in their mailbox every two years.

The campaign airs across TV, radio and digital channels in Victoria to highlight the importance of finding bowel cancer early, when successful treatment is more likely.

Screening program manager at Cancer Council Victoria, Kate Broun, says while bowel screening is important for all people aged 50-74, the campaign is tailored for Victorian men in their 50s to increase screening rates in this age group and ultimately save hundreds of lives.

“We know that the risk of developing bowel cancer increases from the age of 50. It is shocking to see that only 33% of men aged 50-54 and only 38% of men aged 55-59 are taking part in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program,” Broun says.

“We’re urging these men to prioritise their health and complete their bowel screening test, especially if COVID-19 means you’re spending more time at home – now is the perfect time to do the test. When you receive the test don’t put it in the cupboard and forget about it–you could be ignoring the chance to save your life.”

Cancer Council Victoria’s first bowel screening campaign in 2017 resulted in approximately 12,500 extra Victorians screening for bowel cancer, potentially saving more than 300 people from developing bowel cancer and more than 180 from dying of bowel cancer.

The mass media campaign, which includes TV, radio, digital and social media advertising, will run over six-weeks from mid-September 2020, supplemented by engagement activities with GPs and workplaces.

Tailored materials for Arabic- and Tamil-speaking Victorians have also been developed to address low screening rates within these communities.

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