Queensland government launches cyberbullying campaign via Publicis Worldwide

14 September 2020

Advertiser: Queensland Government
Creative Agency: Publicis (Brisbane)

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Stand by Us and Swipe it Away were developed following an extensive youth engagement process.

The Queensland Government has launched two new campaigns in response to the rising trend of cyberbullying, with one in four teens experiencing its impact.

The work was developed with Publicis Worldwide Australia, following an extensive youth engagement process.

The Stand by Us campaign encourages parents not to step in and try to fix the problem, as it can often make the situation worse. Instead, young people want their parents to listen and support them, and work through the issue together.

It was inspired from initial engagements with children and young people, and hearing from them about what they wanted from their parents and other adults that they trust when experiencing cyberbullying.

The second campaign, Swipe it Away, focuses on empowering youth and encouraging them to take the power back from bullies, and talk to someone they trust for support.

“The high-energy event created the right environment for co-creation between youth and our own Publicis creative teams," Publicis Worldwide managing director Simone Waugh says.

"The Swipe it Away and Stand by Us campaigns developed were inspired by the conversations on this day."

This campaign was developed as a result of CONVO2019, a cyberbullying collaboration event with youth, social media companies, influencers, experts and support services.

The event had young people from all over Queensland come together to talk about the heart of the issue and workshop ideas to help stop cyberbullying.

“The issue of cyberbullying is complex and ever-changing – so I wanted to get closer to the people affected to understand what would really help them," Publicis Worldwide executive creative director Ryan Petie says.

"The research and youth engagement processes uncovered deep insights that led directly to the work produced and will make real change."

The call to action for both campaigns is to visit the Stop Cyberbullying portal www.qld.gov.au/stopcyberbullying which links audiences to expert support services and information and resources.

The portal was a recommendation from the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce Report.

The campaigns are on TV, YouTube, social media platforms and digital from mid-September, and are in response to the Adjust our Settings: A community approach to address cyberbullying among children and young people in Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce Report.

Client: Queensland Government
Agency: Publicis Worldwide Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Petie
Creatives Directors: Tim Harding, David Schaak
Creatives: Anais Read, Kirsten Twigg
Managing Director / Strategy Lead: Simone Waugh
Executive Client Director: Jude Johannesen
Project Directors: Anna Viney, Sarah-Jane Ewing
Head of Broadcast & Content: Vicki Lee
Production Company: Taxi Films
Director: Siobhan Mulready
Executive Producer: Andrew Wareham
Production Co-Producer: Simone Mackie
Post Production: Chop Shop Post
Editor: Julia Banner
Online / VFX: Glenn Cone
Sound: Justin Harrison
Post Producer: Lucy Markovich
Publisher for Standby Me: Sony ATV
CONVO2019 Panel: Born Bred Talent
Media: MediaCom


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