Specsavers question the value of eyesight

10 September 2018

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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Specsavers has launched a confronting campaign to show how much vision is taken for granted in Australia.

Specsavers has launched 'The Priceless Eyes' campaign to shake Australians out of their 'she'll be right' attitude and spark a behavioural change when it comes to being serious about your eye health. 

The campaign, produced by Cummins&Partners and directed by Aaron Wilson from Airbag, aims to shine light on the serious reality that in Australia, someone loses part, or all, of their vision every 65 minutes, with 50% of people developing an eye condition in their lifetime.

Despite this, in the past year, less than one in five Australians had their eyes tested by an optometrist.

In hoping to combat this, Specsavers went to great lengths. Being disguised as the all too realistic company Vesper-Sacs, a high-tech medical research facility looking for willing test subjects, the staff posed just one shocking question to each person: how much would you sell your eyes for?

The experience, which participants related to “an episode of Black Mirror”, saw everyday Australians reach their own emotional conclusions about how important their eyesight is in their life.

They all had one thing in common- no matter what the price people weren’t willing to give up their eyes, proving that eyesight is truly priceless.

“We knew that if we were going to be successful in getting people to stop and really think about their eyes we needed to create something really powerful and meaningful” Specsavers marketing director Sarah McInnes says.

“We created this campaign because we’re concerned about people not understanding the crucial importance of preventative eye care. No one should suffer from avoidable vision loss and blindness in Australia, but they are, unnecessarily”.

'The Priceless Eyes Project' has launched in Australia across TV, online, social media and print.

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