South Australia's RAA unveils new brand identity and campaign

19 September 2019

Creative Agency: kwp! Advertising

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Milo&Co were behind the rebrand, while KWP! created the new campaign.

Iconic South Australian brand RAA is moving in a bold new direction, unveiling a new strategic platform headlined by a new brand identity and campaign.

For more than 116 years, RAA has been helping South Australians on the road and the rebrand came as a result of the brand’s continued evolution.

To lead the brand refresh RAA engaged Milo&Co backed by a new creative platform produced by KWP!

A strategic platform and new brand identity developed by Milo&Co underpins the rebrand and includes the logo, visual identity, tone of voice and digital brand management tool.

Milo&Co founder Rachel Miles explains that understanding the needs of members was at the heart of their strategic platform.

“Creating a new purpose for the brand – ‘keeping members moving’ – reinforces the business vision to deliver member first experiences through a revised brand architecture, superior service and a commitment to innovation,” Miles says.

The new look will help highlight how RAA is changing and remind South Australians of the many ways RAA can help them move forward with their lives.

“Our challenge was to play to familiar brand assets but modernise and extend these to enable the brand to stand for more than just motoring,” says Gary Townsend, Milo&Co creative director.

Milo&Co also worked closely to develop a new cultural promise and values to guide the change required to deliver the new brand ambitions.

Independently owned, full-service South Australian company KWP! spearheaded the new campaign with the launch of the brand TVC on Monday 16 September, followed by a fully integrated cross channel campaign.

KWP! CEO David O’Loughlin said the highly visible campaign involved RAA members getting on with their lives as a result of the assistance RAA provides across Motor, Home and Travel, and consequently ‘keep on moving on’.

“Our strategic imperative is to amplify the brand and bring to life what is differentiating and unique about RAA,” O'Loughlin says.

“In this sense we will make sure that the marketing communication of the brand matches the business of the brand. But what’s of equal importance is that we do this in a way that South Australians can celebrate and relate to in their own lives.

“We want to put a smile on their faces, introduce some new characters, and build a creative platform where all of RAA’s products, services and activities can shine.”

“These changes are more than just a lick of paint – they’re a way to show our members that we’re evolving and moving forward as an organisation,” Ian Stone RAA Group Managing Director said.

“We’re keeping our members moving in all kinds of ways – on the road, at home and on holidays.”

Identifying that the needs of members are forever changing, the rebrand represents growth for RAA and sets them up for future success.

“The needs of our members and the world we live in has changed a lot over since we last updated our brand, 10 years ago,” Mr Stone said.

“Our new direction is more representative of our organisation today and we’re confident it will set us up for another 116 years of success.”

Tom Griffiths, Group Chief Finance, Membership & Brand Officer
Kimberley Bolton, Senior Manager Strategy Brand & Membership Marketing
Tom Graue, Brand Manager
Ainsley Campbell, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Brand
Annie Gant, Marketing Coordinator
Matthew Schumacher, Senior Manager Product Marketing Communications
Danni Sparkes, Marketing Manager 

Rachel Miles, Founder
Clare Miles, Researcher
Sally McNeill, Strategist
Gary Townsend, Creative Director
Michelle Macreadie, Design Director
Justin Davies, Design Director
Bel Giles, Motion Graphics
Bryce Pepper, Designer
Eleanor Padey, Designer
Michael Thebridge, Tone of voice
Sanna Lory, Copywriter
Melissa Dale, Managing Director
Alissa Dinham, Account Director
Olga Terentev, Account Director
Cera O’Grady, Production Management

David O’Loughlin, CEO
John Baker, Managing Director, Advertising
Nat Morley, Managing Director, Media
Corey Swaffer, Executive Creative Director
Ryan Shipway, Group Account Director
Kat Paphitis, Planning Director
Hayley Kroon, Snr Account Manager
Michelle Grogan, Media Director
Lisa Thorpe, Snr Media Manager
Maddy Papilion, Media Manager
Michael Gallo, Digital Media Manager
Patrick O’Reilly, Copywriter
Josh Newnes, Copywriter
Kent O’Halloran, Art Director

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