Mastercard helps Australian rugby fans 'Tap into Tokyo'

18 September 2019

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84% of Australian travellers are in the dark when it comes to Japanese cultural intricacies and rely on stereotypes.

As an estimated 400,000 international rugby fans gear up for Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, new research has revealed Aussies have very limited knowledge of the host nation’s unique culture.

According to the research conducted by Mastercard, 84% of Australian travellers are in the dark when it comes to Japanese cultural intricacies and rely on stereotypes, including geishas, 64%, and sumo wrestlers, 62%.

When it comes to Australian cultural knowledge, wildlife, 74%, meat pies, 71%, beach, beers and barbeques, 47%, are the first things that spring to mind for the Japanese.

Fortunately, both nations have a desire to learn about and experience other cultures – from learning the language, sampling the cuisine and mixing with locals.

To help bridge the cultural gap, Mastercard has paired Aussie rugby legend Mat Rogers with a Japanese local rugby fanatic, Tomo, in Tokyo.

Built on a desire to show how connecting cultures reinforces the things we have in common; the two strangers were brought together over their mutual passion for rugby to create an all-in-one interactive travel guide – ‘The Tap Map’.

“Mastercard uses technology to connect people with the things they love. Tap into Tokyo celebrates two cultures coming together to start something priceless and beyond Mat and Tomo’s experience, it’s something all rugby fans can make use of and enjoy at this year’s tournament,” says Anne Wall, vice president, marketing and communications, Mastercard.

Ahead of Rugby World Cup 2019 rugby fans can access the map to learn more about the Japanese way of life and unlock Tokyo’s hidden gems, from the best eats to where to watch a match, from the lens of a rugby fan.

“Meeting with Tomo in Tokyo reminded me that no matter where you’re from, when we’re united by a passion like rugby, great things can happen," Rogers says.

"The Tap Map which gives rugby fans a way to mix perspectives with locals and learn more about Japanese culture. From the amazing delicate food, to the unmissable Robot restaurant – the Tap Map is a great way to experience the best of Tokyo as recommended by Tomo and by me.”

Mastercard is an official worldwide partner of Rugby World Cup 2019.

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