Riverview Farms celebrates its Hot Roast Pork via Abel

22 February 2021

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The campaign launched on Australia Day and will run for six weeks in OOH, radio, social and TV.

Riverview Farms has launched its new 2021 Hot Roast Pork brand campaign championing the convenience and ease of its famous Hot Roast Pork with Crackle – prepared carefully by Aussie farmers and Aussie chefs, and taken credit for at dinner tables all over the country.

“People are busy heading back to work and school, social calendars are filling up again – our hot roast pork puts that deliciously wholesome meal moment back on the table, without all the faffing about usually associated with a roast," Riverview Farms brand manager Raoul Gundelach says.

"And with a long heritage in rural Australia we are bringing this next phase of our brand to life in a way that speaks to that classic Aussie humour we all love and have grown up with.

"As a member of the Rivalea brand family, which owns and manages the entire production cycle of its products, from raising pigs, to processing to distribution, Riverview Farms stays true to its heritage, telling its brand story as proud Australian farmers.”

Riverview Farms Hot Roast Pork with Crackle is sold cooked, hot and ready to enjoy at Coles supermarkets around Australia – providing customers with a fresh and delicious alternative to the BBQ chicken.

This removes time and complexity involved in preparing Australia’s favourite roast. And with a swag of delicious, easy to prepare pork-inspired recipes available on their website, Riverview Farms not only delivers to customers a humble classic, well done, they also aim to show Aussies how deliciously versatile roast pork is, by showcasing it in dishes from around the world.

Riverview Farms sales and marketing manager Ashley Hoffman says: “With Abel working as our in-house creative consultants in partnership with Airbag, the process has been both enjoyable, painless and collaborative. This is an exciting new phase for the Riverview Farms brand and we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and commitment of all involved.”

Abel creative co-founder Simon Fowler says: "This campaign has been a great case study for a new way of working – proving that when production and creative partner early on, the work benefits and budget goes further. As we know, the market of making meal-times easier and less stressful is well-worn territory – this campaign needs to take on some pretty big competition and cut through an intensely cluttered category."

Airbag executive producer Martin Box says: "When Rivalea approached AIRBAG to create their new campaign for Riverview Farms we knew choosing the right creative partners would be key. Abel were the perfect fit and it was a collaborative and smooth process all round, with a good few laughs along the way."

In a category of its own, Riverview’s Hot Roast Pork with Crackle aims to disrupt the growing BBQ chicken range by positioning itself as ‘Better by a country mile’.

The campaign launched on Australia Day and will run for six weeks in OOH, radio, social and TV. 

BRAND MANAGER Raoul Gundelach
DIRECTOR David Rittey
Nicole Jauncey. Simon Fowler. Phillip Robbie.

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