Rihanna appears in CBS Super Bowl ad teaser

21 January 2016

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Rihanna vs Nantz, the Grammys vs the Super Bowl, who will come out on top?

CBS recruits Rihanna in promotion of the big events they are broadcasting this year, including the Super Bowl, the Grammy Awards and a The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Rihanna rocks up on the football field to meet NFL sportcasters Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and James Brown in a shimmery gold dress – attire fitting more for the Grammys than the 50m line. The singer goes head-to-head with Nantz to decide who should go first in the line-up of events to come.

Colbert comes in as coach for the coin toss and the Super Bowl takes first place, to which RiRi responds, “I’m worth the wait”. She takes the coin and exits. Colbert chases after her, so I doubt he has seen what happens to people that come between RiRi and her dollars in the Bitch Better Have My Money clip.

The NFL Super Bowl airs 7 February.


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