Old El Paso and Thinkerbell add a 'spin' to dinner time

14 April 2020

Creative Agency: Thinkerbell

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Taco Tuesday has never been so fun.

In light of the tumultuous times that the world is living in, Old El Paso and Thinkerbell have launched ‘Taco Tuesday Spinna’, an on-pack game devised to bring some good noise to dinner tables around Australia.

By simply cutting out the ‘Spinna’ arrow from the top of pack and pinning it to the playboard on back of pack, players transform their empty box into an interactive game that is packed with a series of taco challenges like ‘stealing a bite from the player to your right’s taco’ and ‘eating a taco with no hands’.

These fun challenges are designed to foster playful interactions and conversation during a family meal of tacos.

“Just over half of Australian parents say Mexican is the food that is the most likely to get them to a table to eat together so rituals like Taco Tuesdays not only save precious decision-making energy but also offer a fun and relaxed meal that everyone in the family can help to prepare and share,” Old El Paso spokesperson Bronwyn says.

With isolation measures currently in place in Australia and other parts of the world, the game makes for a welcome distraction, providing much needed entertainment for kids who are spending an increasing amount of time indoors, as well as the chance for families to enjoy meals together.

Taco Tuesday Spinna has also been adopted around the globe, landing on shelves in England, Ireland and New Zealand shortly.

Locally, the game is supported by social videos and soon to launch influencer activity.

The game itself can also be downloaded from the Old El Paso website.

“Old El Paso has a global brand platform of ‘Make Some Noise’, and that’s what Spinna is encouraging families to do," Thinkerbell creative tinker Ben Couzens says.

"Also, creating some family entertainment out of the box is something we’re pretty proud of.”

Taco Tuesday Spinna is available for a limited time on selected Old El Paso packs at supermarkets and grocers.

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