Industry super fund campaign reminds Australians 'We are all in this together'

14 April 2020

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The campaign will be centred around a new 30-second TV spot.

Industry SuperFunds are here to help protect members’ nest eggs and the Australian economy bounce back from the Coronavirus downturn, a new mass market media campaign will say.

Members are understandably concerned about the impact the Coronavirus and the global business shutdown have had on economies and in turn their super balance.

But the new campaign by Industry Super Australia and the Shannon Company reassures members their super will bounce back from the downturn and go on delivering strong long-term returns to build their nest egg.

Additionally it highlights to members the things that their super is invested in also helps create jobs and keeps Aussie businesses strong.

The campaign will be centred around a new 30-second TV spot and supported by a series of online videos from industry experts.

These videos address important issues for members and provides information on; how to avoid crystallising losses at a downturn; the pros and cons of accessing your super early in times of financial hardship; how super funds protect members’ savings during market volatility and how through investments in Aussie business and local infrastructure Industry SuperFunds will help power the recovery.

Industry SuperFunds hold more than $45 billion in Australian property and infrastructure – roads, airports, seaports and the energy grid.

In one year alone our more than $2 billion investment on Australian infrastructure and property created or supported 46,000 jobs.

Since the downturn Australians have wanted to know how super funds invest to protect their members’ long-term interests and grow their savings.

This campaign aims to fill that knowledge gap.

Recent online searches about super have increased by 74% and since the government announced its Early Access to Super scheme super was the fourth most searched Coronavirus related term in Australia.

Most Australians understand super is a long-term investment.

Independent research by UMR shows that 58% of Australians are confident their super will recover over time.

And 58% of Australians agreed making changes to super after a downturn is risky.

But there is still a sizeable minority that make rash decisions with super after a downturn – like switching to cash or other defensive assets – locking in their losses.

At the last major market decline – during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) – savers who moved their money from an average balanced industry fund into cash were $4,000 worse off after three months, $13,800 after a year and $34,800 worse off after five years.

The campaign will run for at least the next three months across mass media markets including broadcast TV, digital and catch-up TV, radio, online and throughout social media.

The Shannon Company is the creative agency and ISA’s director of marketing is Alana Burnside.

“This is a timely reminder for members that their Industry SuperFund is looking after them now and over the long-term by protecting their nest egg and making sure it can grow again out the other side of this crisis," ISA chief executive Bernie Dean says.

“It’s important for members to know that they’ll also be helping the economy bounce back, just like they did with the GFC, by investing in infrastructure and other things that create jobs and keep business strong.

“Saving for your future is just like protecting our health now- its best done when we all come together.”

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