Nike's latest campaign features sisters Venus and Serena Williams

7 September 2020

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You Can't Stop Sisters is the fourth film in Nike's campaign You Can't Stop Us.

As the US Open kicks off in New York and the Williams sisters take to the court on their home turf, Nike has released a new film titled ‘You Can’t Stop Sisters’, narrated by Venus Williams, to inspire athletes around the world through the power of sport and sisterhood.

Created using archival footage, the film highlights how the Williams sisters have not only changed the sport of tennis, but lifted each other up at every step of their journey.

Speaking about the creation of the film, Serena commented, “I was so excited to get to do this film with Venus. We’ve never been able to collaborate this way before, and it’s really special to have this part of our story told.”

It has been more than 22 years since Venus and Serena Williams first played each other on tour.

Since then, the sisters have won 30 Grand Slam titles between them and, when playing doubles together, they've won 14 Grand Slam titles and three Olympic gold medals.

Despite this combined success, people often focus on them as individuals, comparing how each has fared against the other.

Having gone head to head more than 30 times in their professional career, including in nine Grand Slam championship matches, it’s common to hear about wins and losses or better and best.

Venus narrates, “It’s funny. You saw two tennis players trying to win a game. We saw two sisters changing it.”

The new Nike film champions the way Venus and Serena have supported each other as they changed the sport of tennis, not as individuals, but as sisters, mentors, competitors, supporters and advocates.

“We were born sisters,” Serena says.

“But we’ve become each other’s biggest allies. For us, being sisters is everything. On and off the court we’re each other’s biggest competitors, but we’re also each other’s biggest advocates. We are where we are today because we did this together.

“Our power comes from lifting the each other up,” Serena says.

“I never root against her, no matter what. Sometimes that’s the toughest part for me: when you always want someone to win, but are in a position where you’re trying to beat them. I know it’s the same thing for her. When she beats me, she’s rooting for me as well. That’s the power of our relationship. We want the other to succeed – always.”

No one challenges you like a sibling, but – when one of you wins, you both win.

‘You Can’t Stop Sisters’ is the fourth film in Nike’s campaign, You Can’t Stop Us, which recognises the power of sport to unite and inspire resilience in challenging times.

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