New phone feeling or new home feeling?

19 September 2014

Advertiser: Telstra
Media Agency: DDB Sydney

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Telstra has kicked off the latest instalment of its new phone feeling campaign and this time in involves hermit crabs, and every time you get something new they do too.

The latest spot created by DDB centres on the release of the new iPhone and the fact people are too excited to get their phone they don't even put the packaging in the bin.

However don't worry environmental warriors, hermit crabs are happy to have that new home feeling. Your trash is a hermit crab's treasure.

Watch the spot for yourself.

Creative agency credits:
DDB – Chief Creative Officer – Toby Talbot
DDB - Creative Director – Michael Barnfield 
DDB - Copy Writer – Owen Bryson
DDB - Art Director – Anna Paine
DDB - Head Of Broadcast – Brenden Johnson
DDB - TV Producer – Rachel Solomon
DDB - Group Business Director – Benjamin Wood
DDB –Business Director – Nick Stenmark

TV Credits:
Production Company – Robbers Dog
Director – Adam Stevens
Producer - Mark Foster
DOP – Danny Ruhlmann
Editor – Tim Parrington @ The Butchery 
Colourist – Ben Eagleton
Online – Stu Bedford

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