Movember tackles the prickly problem of pash rash

27 November 2019

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Movember has come up with a solution to this common hazard.

Sixteen years and over five million moustaches since its first ever campaign, Movember has dedicated the final week of the 2019 campaign to the common hazard of growing a Mo – ‘Pash Rash’.

The advertising, which focuses on the partners of Mo growers, will run in in tandem with the core ‘Whatever You Grow Will Save a Bro” campaign.

“Movember’s supporter base is much wider than those who can grow a Mo, and we wanted to acknowledge anyone who has played a role in this year’s campaign” Movember marketing director Jason Olive says.

“In a world of filtering and perfection, our ‘Movember Rain’ campaign celebrates ‘pash rash’ in all its dry, itchy, glory. Whether sporting a Mo or a bit of ‘pash rash’, Movember’s supporters all have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.”

The campaign revolves around a tongue in cheek ad featuring three Australian models showcasing their ‘pash rash’.

The original soundtrack On Your Mouth was made specifically for Movember by Melbourne band The Marion Cranes.

As well as demonstrating the support of partners and loved ones, the campaign aims to drive donations towards the end of the month, by doing something different.

Movember has created ‘Movember Rain’, the world’s first, gender neutral, all natural, pash rash cream, created by boutique New Zealand skincare brand, Triumph & Disaster.

The product will be sold through Movember’s social networks for a limited time.

The campaign will roll out in Australia, The UK, The USA, and Canada in the final stages of the 2019 fundraising campaign, and will use Movember’s global reaching social network, outdoor, and commercial radio.

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