BlueCross unveils new creative platform via ADZ Collective

27 November 2019

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The campaign is a first from ADZ Collective, appointed by BlueCross as its creative agency in May 2019.

Aged care provider BlueCross has unveiled its bold new creative platform, drastically changing the perception of aged care.

The campaign is a first from ADZ Collective, appointed by BlueCross as its creative agency in May 2019.

Since rebranding earlier this year, BlueCross required a creative platform for rollout across its 34 locations and all channels, and to tie its new branding and purpose with a consumer-focused creative platform.

‘Life never gets old’ repositions aged care by re-evaluating the traditional representation of residential and home care.

The upbeat campaign is radically different to the current market offering.

By emphasising stylised, yet truthful representations of older people in a vibrantly coloured world, the campaign reflects the brand pillars and celebrates the residents and their individuality, rather than the brand itself.

“During our research phase, we recognised that representations of aged care tend to focus on the infirmed," ADZ Collective general manager Hugh Baulch says.

"The current market portrays older people as dependent and in need of constant assistance. We are lucky that BlueCross want to celebrate its residents; their life, their history, the passions that have made them what were in the past, and still are today. Living with BlueCross, never gets old.”

The campaign is focused on happiness and honesty; insights came from real-life experiences of staff and featured talent that remain true and authentic to the end user.

‘Life never gets old’ will be executed across print, digital, radio, in-residence and OOH.

“We are really excited to see BlueCross represented with such vibrancy and impact,” BlueCross senior manager, marketing and communications Tanya Reardon says.

“We are excited about our bold, new identity which makes us unique and sets us apart in a sector that is getting increasingly competitive.”

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