Mental health charity One in Five tributes the late Danny Frawley

15 October 2019

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The campaign, created by Bastion Brands, hope to raise awareness of mental illness.

Mental health charity One in Five has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of mental illness via leading health agency Bastion Brands.

The campaign features five high-profile national ambassadors including the late great football great and media personality Danny Frawley, who tragically passed away one month ago.

Also featuring Steve and Bernard Curry, Tim Rogers, Nick Bracks and Lucy Lawless, the five come together to share a united message to promote One In Five’s mission - that through research we can find better answers and improved outcomes for people living with serious mental illness and hopefully one day find cures.

Developed by Bastion Brands and Burning House productions, the campaign was released to coincide with World Mental Health Awareness Day.

It will be aired nationally on the Seven and SBS networks as well as appearing on Australia’s medical clinic network, Tonic TV.

“Danny was working with us to help increase awareness of the importance of research in improving outcomes. He was a key part in the advertising campaign and out of respect for Danny and his family, we considered whether it was appropriate for him to remain a part of this advertisement," chair of One in Five Gabrielle Sheehan says.

“Through the inspiring support of the Frawley family and Bravo Management, we have reworked our launch advertisement to include our original message, combined with a tribute to Danny’s commitment and support of creating more awareness around mental health.

"We hope this campaign raises our collective conscience regarding the important role that science could play in turning ‘One in Five to None in Five’."

Bastion Brands creative director Bruce Williams says Frawley's part in the advertisement was "raw and from the heart".

“So we wanted to create a heart-felt tribute for his great support. It has been a very emotional time for Bastion and the One in Five team,” Williams says.

“Initially we thought it was best to remove Danny from the campaign, but when his family wanted his work to continue, we wanted to produce a tribute in the hope his work can one day help many others.”

Simon Davies, managing director at Bastion Brands agreed with the sentiment.

“Issues around mental health affect almost everyone, so it is a sensitive territory that needs addressing very carefully," Davies says.

"We believe the message we created is not only a strong call for support of One in Five and funding important research, but also a touching tribute to Danny and his family.”


Client: One in Five
Chair: Gabrielle Sheehan
Other: Kristen Altamura
Agency: Bastion Brands
MD: Simon Davies
CD: Bruce Williams
Copywriter: Alex Gedye
Account Exec: Rhian Shinners & Kate McQuilken
Design: Alex Hainsworth
Production: Burning House
Director: Charlie Porter
Editor: Mitch McTaggart
DOP: Shyam Ediriweera

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